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Get Your House In Order!!

Have you ever heard that phrase? I bet you have; a time or two. Some people use it as a low flying insult to those who don't have their lives together; hence the obvious. Others, well, it's usually connected to something in Faith. Perhaps making sure your life is connected spiritually or in line with Biblical principles. Regardless, it's reflection can serve many representations of how we live.

What I want to share with you today, is probably safer here in words on a screen, rather than me ranting in a live Vlog post; soon to come by the way. Anyway, the point I want to get across is we NEED to take this seriously. For many years, now, as I have built my career, I've seen the challenges so many of us have and can relate to as we have a "Birdseye" view into how others are getting through their struggles. Not one person or family is exempt from trials, tribulations or just mere "discontent" when It comes to what life hands us. I think it's time to really pay close attention to what I lay out here. We are ALL being blinded by things that we don't realize and it's becoming more apparent. If we continue following the normal flow of life, it's going to keep leading us down the wrong path. I am not even talking about "religion" or "God stuff" as some weirdos may interpret. If my sarcasm starts spinning out of control it's quite ok, and I am not sorry. WAKE UP!!!

Some who reads this may know me well and others who are new to me and what I stand for, WELCOME IN! take a seat. This segment is going to be short and maybe not so sweet; kinda bitter if you so choose.

The way you have been taking care of your family and their health is NOT COOL. Now, for those who say that they have it all together.. Ok maybe you do! I am not at your home with a drone, casing the situation. However, I have to say, I am pretty sure you will learn something if you open your mind and heart to the things I will say. I am not going to cover all of this today because due to MANY years of accumulating circumstances and lessons of my own, I am definitely a very late bloomer to the world of Blogging. I was asked many times over, to blog my life and knowledge. It was too overwhelming to even consider. Given what I have been through, and what I have learned, it's still overwhelming but needs to done. I am not everyone's cut of tea; TEA, the kind you drink will certainly be another topic to be covered soon. It's good!

So many of us don't know what it means to eat right. We want to say we eat the right foods and feed Our families correctly because media told us so or the grocery stores market to our brains enough,We are naively convinced It's good. Yet, if you pay attention to your social media, you may wonder, why there are so many "Health Coaches' out there flying. off at the mouth about how we are all being poisoned? Why are there so many Natural Medicine Doctors and Chiropractors, SCREAMING at you to wake up about vaccines? (and yes, they mix in politics because there is a reason for that) If you have not noticed this, you are definitely needing to come out of your cave. I am sorry if that hits too hard but it's true. We are purposely primed to stay "too busy" dizzy, confused, blind and deaf in life so that we are missing the truth. The TRUTH is, you are not seeing truth because you have blinders on. The vail can be removed if you understand what is happening and you are willing to open up and let go of pride. PLUS, you will have more energy and better brain function. Please understand me, I am not here to tear down the readers of my words, I need to desperately get this out.

There are so many lies that we have all believed over the years and we are being conformists. If you choose that side of the fence, you will not have peace and that health issue you are dealing with (mental health issues are not what you think they are) will continue to increase. I have four grandkids that I am concerned for. How about you? Who, besides yourself, do you see struggling with busyness to the point of breaking down? Who do you know who is struggling with pain, inflammation, body breaking down... unanswered questions that fake doctors can't answer and just throw deadly pills at your face? You are suppose to be happy, vibrant and full of life at any age! FREE of DIS-EASE! Trust me when I say, although I learned at a young age, I am still conquering these issues.. One thing is for sure, I have come a long ways and I will continue on course to treating myself right and listening to my body and praying for answers.

The next thing is going to hit home for anyone who reads this. Childhood trauma is EVERYONE! and if not resolved, it WILL control the outcome or your relationships; your relationship with yourself first and down the line. Negative things that happen to us whether its a lifetime or a certain incident that seem to "scar" us will absolutely effect our health in so many ways. This can carry on forever and seep into generations.

Hopefully as you read this, you get the point. Let's say for example, you understand that what you put in your body, how you respond to stress and what happens to you In you life, is knowledge you've come to grips with. What are you doing about it? Do you have the tools to fix and heal this? Or do you choose to forever, sweep it under the rug? What are the consequences for you, for your kids? Who has your soul? Tough questions..

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