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Meet Tracy Baker, LMT. She specializes in Neurmusuclar Therapy, Nutritional modifications, Toxin removal, ROM and Chronic Autoimmune disorders. Tracy values her clients and desires to help individual and families reach optimal health and vitality. .

I chose massage therapy as a career after moving to Northern VA in 2003. Prior to my move and there after, I found myself  with an intrigue and curiousity in the various fields of holistic health and healing.  The more I learned the more I wanted to know and that is what brought me to the point of turning this into a career.  I started school locally and soon after went into practice and graduated in December of 2004. I have learned over the years that being a massage therapist or anyone in the holistic fields, is not only challenging but rewarding and it's a gift.  Its a gift not only to be able to do the work effectively but it's a gift of the mind, body and spirit. I believe you really need to know who you are on the inside and keep true to that daily in order to be of help to those who come to us for therapy. 

My sessions are not about me and what techniques I can demonstrate, they are about the client and his/her life challenges and what makes them feel balanced and whole.  It can be as simple as stress relief because of a tough week at work to something more deeply rooted from health inbalances.  Whatever needs and concerns they may have, I work with that person as a team. I continue to educate myself in various modalities and techniques for the purpose of bringing the best care to those who need something more than what they may be able to get from traditional Westernized medicines.  Massage therapy is not meant to replace your doctor but it's to work in conjunction with.  My heart and soul goes into everything I do and that is the joy of learning as much as I can.  It's a lifelong journey and I do take it seriously but I also enjoy the company of those who understand and respect the health benefits of what I do everyday and see the results with continued therapy. 

As I have recently relocated my business, I will look forward to providing new services and continue to bring quality to current and new clientele. 

Thank you for visiting my site....

Tracy Baker, LMT
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